• What is Syndicon

    SyndiCon is the culmination of our board game passion and love for the board gaming hobby. It is presently a yearly convention that was started in 2013 with the help and support of The Meeple and Cardboard Syndicate (a local Meetup chapter). The Syndicate also helped foster and grow the University of New Hampshire board gaming club which now hosts SyndiCon in its entirety! With membership growing on a weekly basis and with the donations and support received by outside community members, we have been able to fund a growing library of games for the student organization and expand our event even further! With continued support, we look forward to growing SyndiCon year after year.

    Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you, our patron and fellow enthusiast, will enjoy your time at our event. We want to have a forum where many people can come and enjoy a day or whole weekend of gaming, where they can share and experience something new and exciting with current friends while making positive impressions onto new gamers entering the hobby. We hope you are as excited as we are and we look forward to seeing you at the tables very soon!!

  • Who we are

    We are a group of passionate gamers that get together on various occassions in the greater SE NH areas to play all manners of card and boardgames. We welcome and promote an environment where gamers can bring, teach, learn, and play their favorite 'Euro-Style', Classic, Collectible Card, Strategy, and American based board/card games. We have a love for gaming and just want to be able to share it with the community, and help nurture it's growth.

    We welcome any and all experience of gamers to come and join us. Newcomers are encouraged to check us out! Our events are open to the public with a casual atmosphere, to learn, share, and play most any game you can imagine!

    We post events that are not only local to SE NH, but also promote conventions that are happening in the surrounding area. We encourage our members to host their own game nights within the confines of their home, through our partner Diversion Games in Portsmouth, NH, or any public site that has prior approval for a large number of gamers, to swarm the complex and completely geek out in games! So grab some dice, dust off your favorite board or card game, and come join in on the fun!

    Our memebers are located in the Greater NH Seacoast, ranging from the Lakes Region of NH, south to the northeastern regions of MA, northeast to Southern Maine, and everywhere in between. If you are from these areas, we welcome you to join and meet up with some new gamers from your area!! You can find the Meeple and Cardboard Syndicate's Meetup page HERE.