• What Type of the format is the convention?

    The convention will generally be 'open table' style gaming, consisting of games from personal libraries of attendess, and the UNH student org library of games. Attendees are encouraged to bring games and play them, plus allow others to play them as well. Please respect other people's games and take care of them as if they were your own. For those that haven't been to a convention like this, please return them in the condition you found them. It's recommended that you label your games by including a business card or note within them, so that people will know who to return the games to, or where they should be returned. We will have designated table space for attendees to place their games they wish to share. With all that said, we'll also have some scheduled events from the guest designers. And, we'll have some casual events. We're doing a little of everything for eveyrone, no matter how you like your Cons!

  • Where do I anchor my mode of transport?

    The major parking at the University campus that can be used for your convenience, are 'B' Lot and 'C' Lot. The latter can more easily fill to capacity, since it is smaller, and closer to the Memorial Union Building (where the convetion is being held).

    If you're for looking for an online map:

    B LOT: 15 Academy Way, between McConnell/Babcock Halls, and Mill Road.

    Click HERE for Google Maps link. 'C Lot' does not exist as a designated area in the Google Maps universe. Trust us, it's near 'Babcock Hall', as shown on the link.

    C LOT: 3 Mill Road, across from Shopping Plaza. Click HERE for Google Maps link

    Alternate Map

    Click HERE for an SyndiCON webpage embedded map


  • How much is parking for the day?

    The Ministry of Cardboard worked diligently to help 'convince' others that the fee will be a nominal fee of 0 credits. OK, we'll say it in the vernacular... it's free if you park in the designated areas. You will park at your own risk of potential ticketing and towing from UNH or Durham if not using the lots mentioned below.

  • Where can I stay overnight?

    Anywhere you want, except in the Memorial Union Building. Remember, there are strict closing times each evening. The staff of SyndiCON has negotiated a room rate discount for the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Durham for both Friday and Saturday night stays. If you wish to take advantage of the room rate of 139.00 per night, please call the following number and use the promo code "SyndiCON 4."


    Reservations need to be made no later than February 15th, 2017 to take advantage of the room rate so don't delay!

    Click HERE for a link to the Holiday Inn Express page, to book a room

  • Where is the Convention located on campus?

    The MUB is a large student union building, located on Main St. in Durham, NH, residing near the town center. However, most of the attendees will be utilizing the parking areas mentioned above, and therefore not be using the 'front' entrance to the building.

    If you're looking for an online map:

    Memorial Union Building (MUB) at UNH.

    Click HERE for a Google Maps link

    The MUB is a large building, and if you're entering it from the Parking Lots mentioned above, you probably won't be coming in the 'front/main' entrance. Remember, the convention is in the Granite State Room, 2nd Floor.

  • Where can I consume victuals during the convention?

    There will be a handful of options for you during the convention.

    A) There will be snacks provided in the convention hall, but they are not intended as meals. Please use the surrounding environments for proper grub.

    B) There is a Food Court in the Memorial Union Building, less than a minute's walk away. You can peruse their options and times HERE. As word of warning, the Food Court will not be open during all hours of the convention.

    C) There is a Dunkin Donuts store in the building. We are just a 5 minute walk to the town center, where a handful of snack, sandwich, and dinner establishments exist. If you plan ahead, you might be able to find something especially uncommon and yummy. We can not comment on whether the Ministry approved Soylent Green for food production this year or not.

    D) You can order delivery from Take-Out businesses, and have it delivered to the MUB Stafford Room (where the convention is held). Just be weary that a wise man once said, "Food and boardgames, sometimes, don't mix."

  • What university rules might be in effect?

    For all detailed information related to rules that we should be respecting, since we will be on a University campus, can be found HERE.

    Items of note include: No alchohol or tobacco products, No games with 'Guns' such as Cash n' Guns, No pets, No bicycles in the building, etc.